What can coaching classes do that I can’t do on my own?
There are different kinds of texts a student needs to rely on to gain an understanding of what they’re studying. All the information needed isn't available in one text and not always in a comprehensible manner. This makes studying harder and complex. In coaching classes, we structure and streamline your curriculum and organize everything into a neat schedule so students can make the most of their academics.

What role do parents play when it comes to coaching classes?
It’s a lot like their roles in school settings. Updates are given concerning their child’s progress, report cards are regularly circulated and parent-teacher meetings are held. Parents can log in to the coaching center’s online site and keep abreast of their child’s progress. Much emphasis is placed on the parent playing an active role in their child’s studies through encouragement and appreciation.

How frequent are your classes?
It depends on the number of students, but we generally have two batches: The CRP (Class Room Program) that is on the weekdays and the WP (Weekend Program) that’s on Saturday and Sunday.

Will I receive personalized attention?
Yes, our teachers offer a personalized attention to each of our kids. Moreover, they can always be approached in case of a doubt or a query.

How do I pay the fee?
You can either opt for a check payment or pay the fees online. You can also choose to pay the fees in easy installments.

What if I miss out on a very important lecture?
All of our lectures are also available online. You can check them out at the time of your convenience.

What if I fail to understand a particular topic?
Revision lectures are held after completion of each topic. These lectures are carried out at a standard pace, thereby helping you understand every bit of it.

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