We have a team of faculty who is known to maintain consistency in their quality of teaching. They conduct elaborate research on the course content and prepare appropriate study materials and tests for each subject area based on the syllabus being followed (i.e. CBSE, ICSE, SSC). We provide coaching for different subjects for class 8 students depending on the subject requirements.

English is considered by many as one of the most creative and expressive languages. It is the medium of communication in many countries. The importance of learning English cannot be stressed enough. We have very able teachers at our institute who are able to handle the subject very efficiently.

Mathematics is an all-rounder as it has use in many fields such as engineering, medical, banking etc. We have experienced staff at our institute who can teach the students to solve math problems at a faster pace and tackle any difficult problems easily.

Science is another essential subject in our life. Various aspects of science are applied to different fields of career such as pharmaceuticals, research, astronomy, medicine etc.

Social science gives us an understanding of the historical background of different countries. Through social science we come to a better understanding of the culture and traditions of different communities. We also learn the geographical, political and economical aspects of a country.

Hindi being the national language holds a unique position in every Indian's heart. It is important that the language is taught and learned keeping in mind its cultural importance. It is also used as the main language of communication in different parts of the country. Learning Hindi can help bridge various cultural barriers.

Fee structure 2014-2015:

English Medium

Standard Fees
VIII Rs.7,000/-